Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Internet Archive: Petabox

What better illustration of the breakneck speed at which storage capacity is increasing can there be than this? 100 terabytes per rack!

I'm convinced that this trend will have revolutionary implications for the computing industry. It's now pretty clear that Google's 1 GB limit on Gmail accounts isn't by any means as outrageous as it seemed at first blush, even in the extremely unlikely case that most users would get anywhere near that limit with several years of usage. I expect a whole flood of internet-centred applications that take advantage of this trend to follow on the heels of Gmail - Scott McNeely and his gang were a little premature in claiming that "the network is the computer", but they were definitely on the right track. Microsoft's Longhorn, for all the eye-candy it promises, seems ever more to be a case of fighting the previous battle - which in this case means aping Apple's OS X.


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