Thursday, June 03, 2004

Abstracting Away the Data Access Layer in WordPress

One thing about WordPress that's been bothering for some time now has been the extent to which it is tied to MySQL. Whatever advantages such a close tie might have had in the past in terms of ease of development and performance optimization, going forward it strikes me as less than wise to insist that everyone install a copy of MySQL even if they already have something else in place, a point on which this discussion thread seems to indicate that many others are in substantial agreement.

The ideal scenario as I see it is that the WordPress controller component should have no knowledge whatsoever about the brand of RDBMS from and to which it is making requests for data, inserts, updates and the like; in fact, it shouldn't even care whether the backing store is an RDBMS or merely a plain text file, and adding support for a new data storage mechanism should be as simple as someone writing code that implements the interface required by the controller.

All of this assumes, of course, that WordPress is implemented as an MVC application, but I see no good reason why it shouldn't be, or even that it already isn't one for the most part; from what I've been able to make out of the code I've looked through thus far, the WP programmers certainly seem to have done a decent job of separating the view aspect of the application from the rest of it.


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