Tuesday, June 29, 2004

OSX 10.4 Preview: Hits and Misses

Tristan Louis has some interesting things to say about the preview of Tiger offered by Apple at the WWWDC. Some of the criticisms he makes, while technically accurate, are, I think, unfair however.

It's easy to fault Apple for not providing today all of the gee-whiz promises being made for Longhorn tomorrow, but if one looks at the difference between the Apple and Microsoft approaches as being a matter of "release early and often" vs. "knock em out with big updates every so many years", there's much to be said for Apple's more incremental approach. For one thing, it gets at least some of the useful new functionality in users' hands earlier; for another, it's simply much more likely to work, as few things are as common in software development as drawing up grand schemes on paper, only to see the entire edifice collapse during the process during the implementation stage.


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