Sunday, July 04, 2004

Selectively Deleting Saved Form Information in Firefox

Firefox's "Autosave" of form information is usually a wonderful thing, but there are times when it really does get on one's nerves. This can especially be the case when one's made a typo, after which one then has to deal with seeing the erroneous information offered as an alternative forever henceforth.

Short of deleting all saved form information, there's been no easy way to correct such irritating mistakes, but courtesy of this page on the Mozilla Forum, here's a tip that is useful in selectively getting rid of such entries.

If you're using 0.9, you should be able to delete individual entries on form elements (what the original poster mentioned) within web pages with Shift-Delete.
I can verify that this also works with the 0.91 release of Firefox, and as someone else notes on the page, it works with the URL dropdown list as well.


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