Saturday, July 10, 2004

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Overview

A nice, in-depth article on the functionality and management of SQL Server 2005, including comparisons with older technologies like Microsoft Jet and MSDE. This product has the potential to knock the stuffing out of a lot of the Windows market for products like MySQL, if only because it has all those high-end features one expects from a real RDBMS (e.g. views, triggers, stored procedures, foreign key support) at a price that can't be beat - gratis. MSDE also had all those features, but its 5-concurrent-user limitations made it extremely unattractive by comparison with MySQL.

I'm really impressed by the thought that's gone into making sure SQL Server 2005 Express is secure out of the box. For instance, the "sa" account is disabled by default if Windows Authentication is in use, and should the account be enabled, it will require strong a cryptographically strong password from the administrator; neither Named Pipes nor TCP/IP is enabled in a default installation.

There is one thing worth noting about SQL Server 2005 Express, however, which is that memory requirements have gone up since the old SQL Server 2000 days. The minimum amount of RAM suggested for a host machine is 256MB, with at least 512MB of memory recommended.


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